Alumni in the Marketplace Spotlight: Trevor Lincoln

Trevor Lincoln is an alumnus from Stephen F. Austin State University. After being on staff with Chi Alpha for two years, Trevor was sent into the marketplace as a HVAC technician for residential applications. Currently, Trevor lives with his wife in Nacogdoches, Texas, where he is able to live on mission in the marketplace, generously give, and pursue his walk with God further.

How did Chi Alpha impact your Life?

I joined Chi Alpha as a late freshman and began going to a small group. My small group leader began to show me what real Christianity looked like and opened the door for me to ask him questions. I had a lot of doubt and skepticism towards the Bible and religion and had so many questions I thought probably didn’t have an answer. I was glad to be wrong.  

I began my relationship with Jesus through my experiences in Chi Alpha, and after graduation went through the internship and stayed on staff for two years. Chi Alpha set me on a trajectory for the rest of my life and taught me the most important fundamentals on meaning, purpose and destiny. I learned how one can truly live a life with purpose.  

How are you continuing the live on mission and be involved in discipleship?

The workplace is its own mission field. I rub shoulders with people who do not yet know the Lord, and who are struggling with their own questions just like I was. Living missionally minded looks different daily in the marketplace than it did in college ministry. I am figuring out that it takes a different approach. It has its own difficulties and roadblocks, but it is not complicated. Love God and love others. Be a genuine person that cares for others’ needs, and Jesus will be experienced through you. Talking about Him becomes much easier and effective after that relationship has been formed. I still enjoy being a part of Chi Alpha as much as I can be, that ministry will always be sweet to me.

How have you found the ability to give in the marketplace impact your walk with God/community?

When God says that he loves a cheerful giver, it is for at least a couple reasons. God is given glory though our generosity, and we are blessed as the giver in the process. It feels good to give, and to support the dreams and missions of others. In turn their giving will help you succeed in your dreams as well, and it supports unity. My wife and I have decided to support a couple missionaries who are involved with Chi Alpha full time, it is something special for both of us, and feels good to be on their support team.

What advice or encouragement would you give to other alumni who are trying to live on mission in the marketplace?

Don’t over complicate the basics, daily time with the Lord is important, and this looks different for different people, but do your best to make it a priority. Continue to learn how Jesus loved people, and the power that we possess to do so as followers of him. The marketplace is a great place to win people to Jesus and it will always be done through relationships.  

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