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March 2021
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Prayer Requests
Future Student Leaders
Students are in the middle of leadership training courses across the country. They have began to develop responsibility convictions and are performing practicals on and off campus. Would you pray with us that these students grow their identity in the Lord deeply during this season? Pray that regardless of COVID-19, these future leaders feel deep relationships within their Chi Alpha community and with other future leaders.   
Spring Break Trips 
Several Chi Alphas utilize a university's spring break time for mission and service trips. It is also a time leaders bond with their small groups. As many universities are going online after their spring break, would you pray that during these trips, students would feel more connected with their Chi Alpha communities and Jesus than ever before? Let's pray these trips spark momentum of a real relationship with God, real brotherhood/sisterhood, and real responsibility.    
Alumni and COVID-19    
We pray for alumni everywhere who are struggling either with the COVID-19 vaccine, access to the vaccine, and for the mental and physical health of those recovering from COVID-19. May God give alumni support, health, and opportunities for healthcare across the country. Let us use this opportunity to pray for our neighbors and co-workers. 

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Prayer is for Fighting 
The popular notion that praying is yielding has ironically left Christians in very unyielded attitudes and daily modes of living. We think we will find no victory in prayer, so we fight for it outside the prayer closet by our own means. We try to elbow our way to the table. No mindset could be more worldly—the world doesn’t pray and, therefore, must fight for its rights; the Church ought to fight in the arena of prayer, so why then does the Church contend where it should not?
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"Every Alum Connects, Prays, Gives."
Chi Alpha Alumni Motto
Alumni in the Marketplace Spotlight:
Irene Ibidapo
As an alumna from Stanford University, Irene currently lives in Hayward, CA where she is a director of Medi-Cal Business Development at Blue Shield of California. Irene has carried discipleship and biblical principles into the marketplace and continues to be heavily involved at her local church for the past twelve years. Irene is also currently a city ambassador for the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association for the Oakland, CA area.
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