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January 2021
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Prayer Requests
Transfer Students
One of the biggest outreach initiatives in the spring semester is reaching out to incoming transfer students across Chi Alpha campuses. Would you pray with us that God has a divine hand in connecting incoming transfer students with small group leaders? Would you pray that transfer students are able to make connections and community amongst COVID-19 restrictions? 
Missionaries with COVID-19 
Several of Chi Alpha missionaries have been hit with COVID-19 across the country. Some have lost loved ones and some have it themselves, affecting their families, ministries and health greatly. We pray for missionaries currently in hospitals or who are out of work due to this virus. We pray for healing and emotional support in isolation.   
Upcoming Semester/Quarter
Another semester means another opportunity to reconcile students back to Christ across all of our Chi Alpha campuses. Pray with us that small group members returning from last semester feel welcomed back, known, and loved. Pray for new connections to be made and Kingdom relationships to grow more deeply across our nation. 
We recognize the difficulty of parenting during this season. Join us in praying a blessing over all of our parents in the Chi Alpha community for wisdom, protection, and divine help. We pray that God speaks through each parent to their children and that all parents are reminded of their loving Father in heaven.  

New Website Coming Soon! 
We have been working towards the launch of our new alumni website! This website will act as a resource for alumni in connecting with other alumni nationwide and will include resources on praying and giving! 
"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory" (John 1:14 NKJV).

Right before this word is presented in John, we see that it is in reality an effect of a cause-we can behold Jesus's glory because He "dwelt" among us. Jesus was and is with us. How gracious God is in answering David's prayer by allowing first His son to dwell among us in order so we can behold Him and His glory.

How can we dwell in Him today? 
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"Every Alum Connects, Prays, Gives."
Chi Alpha Alumni Motto
Alumni in the Marketplace Spotlight:
Becca Clay
Graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Becca joined her Chi Alpha's staff as a missionary as well as the XAi director for her campus and area. After her years as a missionary in Chi Alpha, Becca moved to St. Louis where she is now living on mission in the workplace. Becca lives on mission daily while being the general manager for a lawn care company by being intentional and loving those around her.
"Every week, I have the chance to connect with, love on, and pray with the woman that cleans the office. Her first week at the office, I felt prompted to ask if I could pray with her and she enthusiastically said yes! We've prayed for healing, we've prayed for peace and comfort in the midst of deep grieving, and we've prayed for everything in between. And what's even better is I know some coworkers are listening. Who knows what seeds are being planted or watered every Thursday at noon!"
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