Alumni in the Marketplace Spotlight: Asher George

Asher George is an alumnus from Texas Tech University and is currently a second-year medical student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. Asher shares with us his unique experience of living on mission with his fellow classmates in medical school. He has been able to create a small group by reaching out to the students he is surrounded by.

How did Chi Alpha impact your life?

Chi Alpha showed me the importance of having intentional relationships within a Jesus-centered community for the purpose of lost friends and students being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Coming from a strong Christian upbringing, I knew the rules, but I did not know the Ruler. Small group discipleship within Chi Alpha allowed me to understand how to grow in an abiding intimacy with Jesus so that I could know Him personally and teach others to know Him too.

What challenges have you found with medical school and discipleship?

The main challenge for students in medical school involves not letting Jesus have any time in our daily schedules. The key to letting Jesus get the glory out of my time in medical school involves letting Him have all of it! This means that He has all 24 hours of my day to be glorified because my devotion to Him includes my endless hours of studying, break times for conversation and meals, the mundane moments of driving and chores, in addition to my Bible reading and prayer. Because of this perspective, I have helped my fellow students understand the importance of living for Jesus in everything they do, especially because our schedules might feel packed with school-specific endeavors.

How have you seen COVID-19 lead to discipleship opportunities in your sphere of influence?

COVID-19 has allowed me to engage in more Bible reading with my fellow medical students, as well as quality discussions and teaching through text messages and phone calls. Although we still have lots to study during this season of a pandemic, I have found faithful, available, and teachable students who have desired to get closer to Jesus through active Bible reading, even if we are physically apart and in different cities. These simple opportunities to hold myself and my fellow students accountable to Bible reading and growth in Jesus has produced fruit that I pray will last well beyond the pandemic and for the rest of our lives!

What challenges come with being in the healthcare field?

The healthcare field is a very important mission field. I believe that medical students especially constitute a very important Unreached People Group. I believe the potential for medical students who love Jesus to impact this nation and the ends of the earth can only be limited by Christians’ disobedience to the Great Commission. The ability to impact our current and future patients’ lives gives us hope to continue with our studies and training, but if we cannot offer our patients Hope and Healing that can only come from Jesus, then our prescribed medicines and surgeries will only function as placebos for people who need a spiritual dose of Jesus.

A major challenge with discipleship in medical school is simply friends not desiring to give Jesus the right priority in their lives and schedules. School, prestige, and success have become idols for many. For those who understand the need for Jesus to permeate every aspect of their lives and future careers, I have had the opportunity to actively read and discuss books of the Bible and Kingdom Principles with them! Many fellow medical students of mine who have never read the Bible before have now read one to two books from it, and Jesus has illuminated Himself to us through the Holy Spirit!

What advice/encouragement would you give other alumni who are trying to live on mission in graduate school or in the healthcare world?

Be intentional with the people you work with and study with! Care about what they care about so that Jesus can be glorified through all of the time spent together. Marketplace and school-related friendships are very fickle and surface-level these days, and it is no wonder that very few people desire to engage in a real relationship with our Lord Jesus. They do not see the point of having a relationship with an unseen God if they cannot have a genuine one with us who are seen! If we can show those around us that we care about them in an unselfish way, where we desire real friendships with them no matter what, then we will easily have opportunities to share the true Gospel with them as no one has cared about them like Jesus does for those who believe in His Name.


  • So happy to hear of your commitment to follow Jesus in all areas of your hectic life. I have a grandson named Asher. That is what drew me to your story. I was also an active Chi Alpha member back in my day. I will be praying for you, for strength, for wisdom, for knowledge. Stay strong in the Lord!

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