Blank Canvas

There is beauty in a blank canvas. Most of us are familiar with the masterful smears and dabs that adorn a finished work of art. (Some artists contend that a piece is never really finished.) When staring at an expanse of white, we are faced only with possibility. That’s why I love January.

Every year, the lovely little space rock known as planet Earth revolves around the sun. We celebrate this momentous occasion by staying up until midnight in our respective time zones and throwing a party. Fireworks, party favors, and all manner of New Year delicacies signal a fresh start: a blank canvas. The Lord has blessed us with another year of opportunity and I’d like to encourage you to seek His voice. Just as an artist plans the masterpiece before it takes shape, God has mapped out a master plan for 2020.

I have found my greatest devotional time takes place in the morning. Much like the New Year, my mornings are a time when I can set aside the worries upcoming and meditate on God’s goodness. Each day is a fresh start, and we can discern what we want to accomplish in our adventures. My commute takes me to a public school each day, but each and every one of us have a calling on our lives. Some of us clock into a private enterprise, some to a public servant position, and others into ministry endeavors. For each of our planetary rotations, the Lord’s mercy is made new every morning.

Let’s capture the same energy and optimism we carry into January and apply it each day at dawn. Some days we might make bold strokes, smearing bright colors onto the canvas. Other days it might be more cool colors composing a background. Each choice and decision leaves a mark on the masterpiece of the day. I remember this Scripture when I’m faced with an interesting decision: Psalm 37:23 NKJV assures us “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way.”

The more we set aside time to fellowship with God, the clearer His voice becomes. I’ve learned to lean on His Holy Spirit for direction, and have oftentimes been warned to avoid a splash of unneeded color on my daily canvas. He is also quick to correct my strokes when I veer a bit too much off track. We all have a fresh new year to enjoy, but I propose that we view each and every day as a beautiful, blank canvas. Let’s listen, learn, and let our creativity flourish.

Be blessed and encouraged,
Jonathan Sixtos

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