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It’s almost time for family gatherings, towering piles of turkey, and prayerful reflection. I can already imagine the fresh-baked rolls and delicious deserts. Whether you’re a traditional turkey table or a “have-to-have-a-ham” fam, I want to encourage you to dig into a year-round necessity: God’s Word.

We have all seen the holiday settings in catalogues and commercials. Lovely decorative ideas dot the landscape in the hustle and bustle of late November. Festive meals are lovely, and I’m thankful for the times I have to gather with my family and share meals this year. Whenever I survey the spread, I think back to a couple Scriptures that deal with food.

First, the Lord Jesus reminded us in Matthew 4:4 that we shouldn’t live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God. It is so easy to get caught up with travel plans, work deadlines, and family responsibilities that sometimes we might neglect our daily portion of the Good Book.

Whenever I dig in to the Word, I also reminisce on the passage that challenges us to taste and see that the Lord is good. (Psalm 34:8) Just like our Thanksgiving table might be piled high with delicacies these next couple weeks, there is a daily buffet available in the Bible. Every topic under the sun is covered in the sacred Scriptures, and there’s something so satisfying about filling up with a reading plan, meditating on the passages, and applying these words to our lives.

We would never dream of eating only on holidays, and likewise it’s important to view each day as a holy day. In fact, each day is worthy of rejoicing and gladness. This year, as I slide up to the table and dig in to a feast of food, I hope to bring that same joy and excitement to my daily intake of Scripture.

In a season of Thanksgiving, let’s remember to feed our inner self as well as our body. There’s an added benefit that we can fill up on as much Word as we want without having to worry about a food coma afterwards! Enjoy your families, be safe this season, and don’t forget to dig in to the Good Book. It’s part of a balanced breakfast!

During your reading and prayer time, please lift up our students who have had life-changing experiences with the Lord this semester. They’ll likely be traveling home for the holidays and our hope is that they carry the light of the Gospel with them. The semester is winding down in college, but many students are just now beginning to step into their calling! Thank God for continued testimonies through the ministry of Chi Alpha. As alumni, let’s continue to connect with each other, pray over the ministry, and give to the mission and vision of campuses all across the country.

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