Spring Break!

As a teacher, one of my favorite times of year is Spring Break. I love my job; watching students grow and mature both academically and socially is a rewarding task. Staggered throughout the hustle and bustle of education are brief respites from the usual task, and the week off in March is one of the first opportunities to enjoy the warmer weather. One of my favorite activities during this time off is to reassess my New Year’s resolutions. It’s great to start the year with a full head of steam, and healthier lifestyles are an admirable goal. As February finishes and time marches on we may find that we aren’t exactly where we hoped to be. 

I helped my dad plant an oak tree a while back, and he requested that I drive a metal post nearby and gently tie it off. When I asked him what this would accomplish, he taught me that even something as strong as a young tree needs support from time to time. In a school year that began with a hurricane followed by Thanksgiving vandalism, Sutherland Springs, and now the Parkland disaster, I find that I have needed support more this year than usual. In taking time to examine where I am, I acknowledge many factors this year have been outside of my control, and I have found comfort and strength in my faith. I’m taking steps to correct course and realign with my goals for this school year and the upcoming summer, and these supports help me stay focused on the big picture.  Sometimes we just need a break from the hectic hullabaloo going on around us, and I want to encourage you to take your own Spring Break. Examine where you are and compare it to where (realistically) you thought you’d be this year. Recalibration is a great way to enter the summer months as they approach, and the year is still young, but we all could use steady support to reach our goals. 

The National Chi Alpha Alumni Association is also relatively young, but I am excited about the Ambassador network that is building. I would like for you all to get to know your local affiliates, and we plan on growing! If you live near a metropolitan area in the United States, we are looking for Chi Alpha alumni to fill in as Alumni Ambassadors.  We’re seeking folks who are enthusiastic about the impact XA had on them as students, and who are willing to lend a hand in simple but effective ways: welcoming XA alums into their city, helping people establish relationships with local Chi Alpha missionaries, and suggesting strong local churches for anyone in search of a place to worship. Together we Connect, Pray, and Give, supporting Chi Alpha across the country. Whether established professionals or newly transplanted graduates, we welcome you to join with us in the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association. Together we support each other, and the ministry that has so richly blessed us. 

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