December Reflections

The end of the year is upon us, and I thought I’d share with you some musings I had a while back about the importance of our Savior’s Birth. We gather together in this Christmas season and look back on the faithfulness of God. I clearly see His hand at work through the growth of the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association, and I can’t wait to see the expansion we anticipate in 2018.

I encourage you to think of friends from your time in Chi Alpha who may not yet have joined, and invite them to Connect, Pray, and Give with us as we support the continued mission of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries across this great nation. I leave you with these words that I hope capture the wonder of Christ’s arrival.

The world was lost. The cancer that had emerged in the dawn of time had slowly eaten away at our conscience, preventing our frail human souls from remembering communion with a Holy God. The turns taken from the course of perfection, the strides taken running from the Sovereign lover of our souls, the frail attempts to cover our sin with fig leaves, all proved inadequate in the grand scheme of the script of humanity. We were without hope, and then Eternity stepped into Time. Into a place devoid of hope, the author of Hope touched down. Into a story with tragedy as its main focus, the Protagonist became the Pen. Into a prison sealed with spiritual bars came the great Liberator. God the Father chose to insert His Son, Jesus Christ, into the confines of human flesh to fulfill prophecy, and pay the price for the sin of the world. So, into a world ravaged by sin, encapsulated by darkness, and captured by the chains of generational bondage, Salvation stepped foot. It seems the greatest gift of all came wrapped not in ribbons and bows, but in swaddling clothes.

Merry Christmas, Friends!

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