This month, tragedy struck a small community forty miles from my house. Through all of this turmoil, insecurity, and unrest, I have pressed in to discover a strange peace in God’s presence. I am still heartbroken, angry, and wondering how mankind could exhibit such depravity, but as I hide myself under the shadow of the Almighty I find His peace. I’m thankful for that.

I had planned this month to share wonderful news with you about growth and graphics, facts and figures, data and demographics. We are thankful for the outreach of the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association, but I’d like to share an experience from our local alumni night last week at Texas State University.

Two former Chi Alpha students, now pastoring a church ten minutes from Sutherland Springs, offered words of hope and prayers of support. While surrounded by students I didn’t know and alumni who had come and gone before me, I was awestruck by the power of unity. We had lost members of the Body of Christ, but standing in a chapel in the shadow of my alma mater, I found hope in the fact that Christ is faithful to all generations. He was faithful to his followers and the fledgling church. He was faithful to the early church and the growing church. He remains faithful to the persecuted church.

A meeting where I planned on speaking about the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association became a meeting where I was encouraged by the Body of Christ. We as alumni are not only part of a nationwide movement, but a global pursuit. I’m thankful for that.

This month, most of us will spend time with our family members, celebrating the gloaming of another year. I want to encourage you to take a moment and share of God’s faithfulness at your gatherings. Believers and non-believers alike may benefit from your testimony. As we are surrounded by questions like “Where was God…?” and “Why would He…?” take comfort in the fact that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He promised to be with us even until the end of the age. I’m thankful for that.

Be Blessed and Encouraged.

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