Hope Over Harvey

The shuddering of the house made slumber an impossibility, and the howling wind outside made for a symphony of danger that had the opposite effect of a lullaby. I couldn’t sleep very well through Hurricane Harvey. Thank God that we made it through the storm relatively unscathed, and I’m thankful Jesus rose from the grave triumphant. I recall the instructions of Paul the Apostle in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you,” (ESV). I’m thankful after the storm, but I mustn’t forget to pray in the middle of it.

I’m fascinated how Jesus wove prayer into his teachings about faith, and as I grow older, the connection has become clearer. What you believe, you speak. The miracle of salvation is the confession of the faith we have in Christ’s death, victory, and ascension. I hope one day the Lord will reveal to me what happens between the lungs and the lips that lends LIFE to language. While we all watched the coverage of Harvey’s destructive breath, the Bible encourages us that all scripture is God-breathed. With all the shots of saviors in boats braving the floods, I thought back to when Jesus was napping in the middle of a storm. His followers woke him up, terrified. He simply spoke to the storm, and it ceased.

I’d like to encourage you to examine your life today. While we may not all be in the path of an oncoming tropical cyclone, we all have storms in life. I find when I take my eyes of the Word of God, my fear begins to overcome my faith. Perhaps that’s why Paul proposes we pray unceasingly. The more we meditate on the truth of God’s promises and speak them out, the more we remember He is with us even in the storm.

We are thankful for all of the prayers on behalf of the Gulf coast. I also urge you to join corporately with the Body of Christ and pray over our churches and our nation. Continue to lift up Chi Alpha chapters around the country, and speak life over the missionaries seeking to introduce Jesus to a generation. An old preacher on the radio once suggested we include Scripture in our petitions. It encourages me when I agree in prayer with promises from the Bible. The same voice that called the universe into existence with a “Let there be…” is the same voice that promises rest with a “Come unto me…” The same God who heard King David cry out in a cave is the same God who hears me call out in catastrophe. The Christ that proclaims, “I am with you always, even unto the end of the age” is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Photos and videos of people coming together in the aftermath of Harvey dominated social media. Imagine if Chi Alpha alumni across the country joined together to Connect, PRAY and Give to support campuses nationwide. The name of Jesus is above any hurricane, any stronghold, any tragedy, any defeat. There is power in prayer, my friends, because we pray to a powerful God.

Be Blessed and Encouraged.

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