Alumni on Campus Spotlight: Rebecca Haavik

Rebecca Haavik grew up a Chi Alpha Missionary Kid, an XAMK. Her parents, Chuck and Sally Haavik, served as Chi Alpha missionaries at the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD). Rebecca graduated in 2010 from UMD with degrees in International Studies and Spanish. Following graduation, she worked for several years in the nonprofit sector, coordinating youth mentoring programs. However, Rebecca felt God calling her to serve in campus ministry. This fall, she begins her first year as a Chi Alpha Missionary Associate at UMD. In her down time, Rebecca enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities, spending time with her Golden Lab Willie, and enjoying the local music and theatre in her native Duluth.

She shares the impact that Chi Alpha has had, and continues to have, on her life.

What was it like growing up around Chi Alpha with your parents?

They got involved with Chi Alpha when I was young, so I guess you could say I grew up in Chi Alpha. They really believed that our entire family was called to missions and made it possible for us to do ministry together. I spent a lot of time around college students and felt fortunate to grow up around such a fun community!

Describe the impact Chi Alpha had on you as a college student.

I met some of my very best friends through Chi Alpha. College was a very formative experience for me in general, and I was exposed to so many new ideas and types of people. I loved it and grew so much as a person. Chi Alpha was a home and community for me as I explored and defined my faith in a new stage of life. I met Jesus so many times through relationships and experiences in small groups, at SALT and at retreats.

What are you really looking forward to in your new role in Chi Alpha? What it is like as an alum to be on staff?

I am so excited to be working with Chi Alpha. College is an incredibly formative time and helping students find Jesus and invest in their faith is such an exciting thing to do. I think having been involved with Chi Alpha in college provides a unique perspective and understanding of what life is like for our students at UMD.

What guidance do you have for other Chi Alpha alumni who feel called to serve the campus?

I would encourage you to do it! I was in a unique position to be able to go on staff with Chi Alpha full-time, but most people aren’t able to do that. I would encourage you to serve in some way. There are Chi Alpha groups all across the country that would love to have an alumnus mentor their students, help with worship, or serve in some other way. Alumni have so much to offer just by sharing their experiences of what life is like after college and what it means to love Jesus in your every day life at work, grad school, marriage, your family, etc.

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