Transforming the Marketplace Spotlight: Brian Smith

Brian Smith serves as the Chairman of the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association. Brian received his BA in Communications in 2004 from Auburn University in Alabama. Following graduation, he gave two years of his life back to Chi Alpha, one as a Missionary Associate at Auburn, and a second year at the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Springfield, Missouri, where he was involved in planning for the first-ever World Missions Summit in 2005! Since 2007, he has been making a living in the marketplace as a Real Estate agent. Brian currently lives in South Carolina with his wife of ten years (and fellow Chi Alpha alum) Patricia. They are the proud parents of 6-year-old Mary Ella, 3-year-old Maximus, and a third on the way! Brian shared how his time Chi Alpha laid the foundation for his current role in the marketplace.

How did Chi Alpha Campus Ministries prepare you to be an influence for Christ in the marketplace?

Brian: Chi Alpha Campus Ministries taught me about working with other people. There’s a buzzword called emotional intelligence, your ability to work with other people. Chi Alpha taught me about valuing other people different than me, with diverse backgrounds. It was a place to get my rough edges sanded down a little bit.

What doors has God opened for you in the marketplace as a result of your training in Chi Alpha Campus Ministries?

Brian: People just tend to open up to me and share their life stories. I feel like the combination of the people skills and ability to share my faith with people and seize the moment. A lot of marketplace ministry is about being aware of people’s needs and then meeting them in a tangible way, through prayer or other actions.

What words of guidance would you offer to Chi Alpha Alumni who are making a living in the marketplace?

Brian: My advice would be to stay plugged in. The journey with Jesus is a marathon not a sprint. Community is a core value of Chi Alpha, and it will serve you well with marketplace ministry and life in general.

As the Chairman, what is your hope for starting up the National Chi Alpha Alumni Association?

Brian: There are three main hopes. The first is getting alumni connected to Jesus, one another, and Chi Alpha Campus Ministries in the sense of both their alumni campus and the national movement. The second is providing a platform for the alumni to support the movement locally and nationally. Third, to empower local campus pastors financially to the point where funding is no longer an issue in regards to their longevity in campus ministry.

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